Screen-Scraper Extraction Platform: Basic Edition – Semalt Expert

Screen scraper is a very effective tool for both web users and firms that want to download a bulk of information online, like content and images, from various websites. One of the best content extracting tools is the screen-scraper software. Since 2002, it deals with clients from a broad range of industries, like e-shops, medical and automotive companies and more. In fact, it works like a database, which offers its users the option to mine data automatically from hundreds of online sources across the web.

Extract Data from Websites

Screen-scraper can handle almost any site on the web. The professional team of screen-scraper can help web searchers to get the results they need. Clients just have to tell them some information about the content they want to extract and the data format they would like to get. Screen-scraper can be invoked from external programming languages, such as Java, PHP and more.

Why Use Screen-Scraper

It's a reputable software and many large companies of the world trust it to get the information they need in a quick, simple and successful way in just a few seconds. Screen-scraper can generate data for its clients on a daily basis and can handle almost any kind of website in the industry. More specifically, clients can submit their inquiries and get the needed results in no time.

Advantages of Using Screen Scraper for Companies

One of the most important advantages of screen scraper software is its speed. It can gather all the data for the clients in a few seconds. In fact, screen-scraper offers a great option for any company that needs to get results fast. For example, if clients want to acquire prices of certain products that are scattered across the web, they can make use of this amazing software program. Moreover, screen-scraper can be used to transfer certain data from one system to another, or it can also tie systems together. Screen-scraper supports a number of formats for exporting mined data, such as XML, HTML, CSV, Access and more. Moreover, all data are exported automatically to certain formats that are predefined by the clients once a data extraction has been completed.


It's a great software cross-platform that can be deployed almost anywhere. Also, many software licenses are available for purchase form Professional and Enterprise Edition. It offers great extracting results to hundreds of users and corporations. It's a free screen scraper tool that works with any kind of data mining, as well as dynamic pages. Users can download the program quickly and easily and start using this tool to get the data they need.